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Club History

We believe that our moto: "COMFORT IS NO ACCIDENT", describes two sides of the same token: the meticulous nature of the work performed by housekeeping professionals and the indispensible nature of their job. Comfort is the ultimate goal of housekeeping and also the direct result of the painstaking work that goes on in the background to which housekeeping professionals contribute directly.'
The term "housekeeping", by which the profession is commonly referred to worldwide, - taken literally - means the performance and management of household tasks. A housekeeper creates and maintains an environment, in which their guests or clients can comfortably exist. Thus, the vocation is quite universal (in its applications).

The job of a housekeeping professional is not an easy one and, at times, certain situations may require knowledge and skills, which even those with experience may not have for one reason or another. In such circumstances, who better to ask for advice than a fellow colleague who has already "been there" and "done that"?

With this in mind, back in 1996, housekeeping executives from Moscow's ten largest hotels decided to get together for an informal session with the intent of meeting each other, sharing experiences and discussing the common problems they all faced.

The organizers of this forum were two housekeeping professionals who, between them, have spent many years working in the trade both in Russia and overseas: Tatiana Kibireva who, at the time, carried out the duties of  Executive Housekeeper at Tverskaya Hotel, and Irene Shelley, who was then the Director of Hotel Services at Aerostar Hotel. The premise for the forum was deceptively simple: BY HELPING OTHERS, YOU END UP HELPING YOURSELF! To this day, this simple truth maintains its relevance and has proven itself many times over.

So, in a way, our Clob has been around for nearly 12 years as that is how long various representatives of the housekeeping profession in Moscow and its regions have been meeting on a regular basis. It is important to point out that the manufacturers and suppliers serving the industry have always been active participants at the meetings, as they are a vital component of modern housekeeping.

The creation of the "First Club for Hospitality Professionals" was the next logical step to follow on from these meetings. We operate as a nonprofit partnership, which allows anyone involved in or serving the housekeeping function to benefit from the knowledge and contacts that we have accumulated over the years, regardless of whether they are an individual or corporate member. Different membership levels are available to allow everyone to make the most of the services offered.      

As a housekeeping professional at any stage of your career, joining up will present you with a number of benefits and opportunities:

- Meet colleagues representing all facets of the profession from different industries
- Establish useful contacts with leading manufacturers and suppliers
- Increase your professional skills and knowledge
- Stay on top of the latest developments in the industry
- Receive support and industry-specific advice from our consultants.  

We welcome members from all industries, including but not limited to those who represent: hotels, holiday resorts, business and shopping centers, fitness clubs, hospitals, hair salons, apartment complexes, educational institutions and the government sector transport, and, of course, manufacturer and suppliers. Becoming a member will prove invaluable regardless of your specific industry or geographical location.

The ultimate goal of housekeeping is to make sure that your guest or client feels comfortable and at ease in their surroundings. Similarly, the mission of the "First Club for Hospitality Professionals" is to make sure that you, the housekeeping professional, are comfortable performing your job to the best of your abilities. We look forward to assisting you in this quest!



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