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Club History

We believe that the motto of our Club "COMFORT IS NOT ACCIDENTAL" clearly reflects the two sides of the coin – the diligence and the necessity of the job that professionals of housekeeping are doing, because comfort is the purpose and the result of laborious work of many professionals, including professionals of housekeeping.
The word "housekeeping" became the worldwide name of the profession and means Care for the House. The Housekeeper creates and maintains the comfort of the environment in which any activity takes place. And therefore the need for housekeeping is universal.

It is a very difficult job, demanding knowledge and experience even from those who worked in this business for many years. Who else can consult a housekeeper, but his own colleague, whom you can ask, from whom you can learn.
For this purpose in far 1996 housekeeping-managers of ten largest  Moscow hotels gathered for their first informal meeting. They wanted to meet each other, to discuss their problems, important issues related to their job, regardless of the place and the nature of the work of each.

The initiators of that meeting became two experienced professionals, who have worked for many years in housekeeping in Russian and abroad: Tatiana Kibireva, who was at that time Manager of Housekeeping Department in Tverskaya hotel and Irene Shelley, at that time Director of Hotel Services at Aerostar Hotel.

The idea was simple: “Helping others, you gain yourself” and that idea fully proved its validity!
We can say that informally the Club exists over 12 years, because during those 12 years it became a tradition for housekeepers from Moscow and area to meet regularly. 

It is very important that representatives of companies-manufacturers and suppliers actively participate in those meetings. Is is simply impossible to imagine modern housekeeping without co-operation with them!
The logical sequel of these meetings was the creation of "The First Club for Hospitality Professionals”, a non-commercial partnership. In this association the invaluable experience of such interaction will be available for all who work in the sphere of housekeeping, because cleanliness and comfort is needed everywhere.

Why not “The First Club for Housekeeping Professionals”? Only because the term “housekeeping” still cannot be used officially in the name of a Russian company, even though in a professional sphere this term became a true name for a big and very important sector of hospitality industry.
We did not want to waste time and efforts to prove that the name “housekeeping” has a right to live in Russian language. It’s authority is the question of time. The same happened to the words “manager”, “business” or “internet”. We wanted to create a real, working structure.
The legal form of a non-commercial partnership was chosen for the reason, that any housekeeping professional can become our member: on his own wish - as a physical person or by a decision of a company - as a legal entity.
Thus, “The First Club for Hospitality Professionals” was born.
Participation in “The First Club for Hospitality Professionals” will give you the opportunity to meet your colleagues working in very different sectors of housekeeping, establish fruitful contacts, increase your professional level, share your experiences, learn about useful innovations and get professional advice.
We invite professionals from all sectors of housekeeping: hotels and resorts, business and fitness centers, hospitals, trade and housing complexes, training, departmental offices and transport. We will help the interaction of all, regardless of the specific of the activity and the geographical remoteness of each.

We invite all, for whom Housekeeping is a profession!

Everyone will havesomething to share and to learn.

The final aim of housekeeping – is comfort for guests, staff, clients. The aim of “
The First Club for Hospitality Professionals” is to help the professionals to do their job with comfort!



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